A dozen charged – three with impaired driving – in week four of RIDE campaign from Pickering to Clarington last week


Published December 13, 2021 at 2:01 pm

After the fourth week of Durham Region Police’s Festive RIDE program 47 drivers are off the roads for 90 days after catching impaired driving charges.

Over the last month, more drivers have been charged than the same time last year even though police have stopped fewer cars than the same period in 2020.

RIDE stops in every Durham municipality collectively stopped 1,240 cars, charging 12 drivers in week four. In 2020, 1,900 cars were pulled over at RIDE locations and again 12 charged.

This year in Week Four, 36 people were administered breathalyzer tests, three of whom blew a warning and received a three-day suspension.

Three of the drivers charged this week were also given criminal code charges. This is fewer than last year when all 12 drivers received criminal code charges as well as impaired driving. Four novice drivers, who are meant to have zero alcohol in their system at any time, were also charged.

As mentioned, 47 drivers have been charged with impaired driving over the last month. By this time last year, 36 had been charged, showing a significant increase.

The majority of the drivers caught hail from Durham Region, but some have come from the larger GTA, Alberta, and even Liverpool, England. A full list of charged drivers is available.

All drivers charged with drinking and driving lose their licence for 90 days automatically. Their vehicles are also impounded for a week.

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