Clarington launches fully accessible 4Rs initiative in facilities


Published September 16, 2021 at 12:11 pm

Clarington is launching a fully accessible eco-friendly 4Rs initiative in its arenas, pools and other facilities to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover waste.

Three-stream garbage bins have been installed in the Courtice Community Complex and the Alan Strike Aquatic and Squash Centre that accept garbage waste, mixed recyclables, and organic compost. The bins in the lobby areas are also equipped with tactile raised vinyl mats in front to help visually impaired residents.

“With this program, Clarington is choosing to put our environment first and fulfil one of the strategic goals set out by Council to ‘advance waste reduction initiatives’ utilizing the 4Rs approach,” said Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster. “This initiative will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the Municipality as we redirect waste and make better choices for disposal.”

The pilot program will be expanded to other buildings pending budget approval.

Under the three-stream system, garbage waste is classified as single-use plastics, diapers, single-use cups and lids, personal protective equipment and more. Mixed recyclables are materials like paper, tins, cans, cardboard and more. Organic compost includes food waste, paper towels, tissues and more. Clarington has developed colour-coded signs to assist residents in making the correct choices when disposing of their waste. Each sign contains a QR code in the corner. When scanned, it links residents to the Region of Durham Know Before You Throw web page, which provides a searchable guide of waste for those unsure which stream to use. The program also contains instructions for hazardous waste disposal.

“Our 4Rs internal staff committee has worked really hard to bring this program to life. We now ask our residents to please help the environment, think before you throw things out – together we can make a difference,” said Ken Ferguson, Clarington’s Manager of Facilities.

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