Clarington looking for volunteers to maintain outdoor community rinks


Published October 16, 2021 at 9:13 pm

Interested in taking care of an outdoor rink in your local park this winter?

The Municipality of Clarington is here to help and will assist residents who want to set up an outdoor skating rink in a local municipal park during the winter months by providing materials and training for volunteers to build and maintain the outdoor skating rink.

Clarington is currently seeking applications from resident groups who wish to take on the responsibility of building an outdoor rink for the whole community to enjoy. Applications will be accepted until November 1.

Interested applicants must contact the Municipality in writing to express their interest in setting up an outdoor skating rink. The written notice must be signed by a minimum of four volunteers and must include proof of a resident petition and support for the outdoor skating rink.

The locations must be on flat land, must be accessible and must have adequate ambient lighting. The location must also be close to a water source and be at least 20 metres offset from adjacent private property. The minimum size allowed is 7.6 metres by 15.2 metres and the maximum allowed is 15.2 metres by 30.5 metres. Note that rinks on natural ice formations such as ponds will not be allowed.

Once a rink is approved, volunteers must provide proof of insurance coverage for $1,000,000, naming the Municipality of Clarington as an additional insured.

Volunteers must also comply with all the conditions outlined in the Municipality’s Outdoor Ice Skating Rink policy (PDF).

Volunteers will need to install and maintain the rink equipment including perimeter rink boards, picnic tables, garbage cans and any other equipment supplied by the Municipality. The rink must be maintained daily, including shovelling, scraping, flooding of the ice surface and providing any litter pick-up.

Training will be provided by Clarington Parks staff and will cover the roles and responsibilities of the volunteer group prior to set-up and operation of the rink.

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