Cory Fenn handed third concurrent life sentence, will be eligible for parole in 25 years


Published June 9, 2022 at 10:44 am

Convicted triple-murderer Cory Fenn has been given to a third life sentence in prison for the killing of 13-year-old Venellia Pejcinovski, to be served concurrently with his first two sentences. As a result he’ll still be eligible for parole in 25 years.

Fenn was convicted in April for the March 2018 murders of his girlfriend Krassimira Pejcinovski, 39, her son Roy, 15 and her daughter Venellia in their Ajax home.

The court heard that Fenn and Krassimira shared a difficult, often argumentative relationship. Krassimira attempted to break up with Fenn over his cocaine use.

Fenn proceeded to beat Krassimira, strangle her and finally stab her to death. He then went on to strangle Roy shortly afterwards. However he didn’t attack Venellia right away.

It wasn’t until Venellia came down stairs looking for her mother that Fenn stabbed her too and shoved her under a bed.

When Krassimira didn’t show up for work, her boss came by the house and found Fenn with blood on him. She called the cops while Fenn bolted from the house.

When officers arrived at the home Krassimira and Roy were already dead, but Venellia clung to life. However she succumbed to her wound in hospital later that day.

Throughout the trial Fenn, who had fired his lawyer, insisted he was in a “cocaine psychosis” at the time of the murders and could not be held liable. Crown prosecutors maintained he had every intention of killing the family.

Justice Howard Leibowich, describing Fenn’s actions as “horrific” sided with the crown. He convicted Fenn of three counts of first degree murder. Later Leibowich sentenced Fenn to two concurrent life sentences in the deaths of Krassimira and Roy.

The Crown had requested three consecutive life sentences, which would have made Fenn eligible for parole in 75 years. Fenn meanwhile felt a 10 years sentence would have been “perfect.”

However Leibowich decided to wait until another case wound its way through Canadian courts before a sentence for Venallia’s death.

On January 29, 2017, Alexandre Bissonnette walked into the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City shortly after evening prayers. He opened fire on worshippers in an Islamophobic white-nationalist attack.

Bissonnette killed six people; Ibrahima Barry, 39, Mamadou Tanou Barry, 42, Khaled Belkacemi, 60, Abdelkrim Hassane, 41, and Azzedine Soufiane, 57, and Aboubaker Thabti, 44, and seriously injured another five.

Ultimately, Bissonnette plead guilty to six counts of first-degree murder. The Crown asked for each sentence to be served consecutively for a 150 year total.

However the judge decided this was unconstitutional and ruled five of the convictions would be served concurrently and the sixth consecutively for a total for 40 years.

Bissonnette appealed this term and was backed up by the Quebec Court of Appeal which ruled it was unconstitutional as cruel and unusual punishment.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously in support of the Appeals Court and rendered consecutive sentences, introduced in 2011 by the Stephen Harper government, unconstitutional under section 12.

Leibowich had to heed this ruling and on June 7 sentenced Fenn to a third consecutive 25 year term. This means Fenn will be eligible for parole in 2047.

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