‘Disaster waiting to happen’: police stop driver with a packed trailer in Ajax


Published August 4, 2023 at 9:48 am

Durham police are warning drivers to secure loads after two recent incidents in Ajax.

In the first incident, a driver was stopped with a trailer packed with items on Church Street in Ajax, Durham Regional Police Service said in a tweet today (Aug. 4).

“This disaster waiting to happen was observed driving down Church St.,” police said.

The driver had “a completely insecure load, the gate of the trailer was down & held up by string with scrap on top of it,” police added.

Numerous charges were laid.

In a second tweet, police found building materials “all over the road” at Kingston Road East and Harwood Avenue, also in Ajax.

“Funny how timing works, just after that insecure load stop the same officer found these building materials all over the road,” police said.

durham police wood road

A Durham Region Works Department crew helped clear the road.

“Please don’t risk the safety of other road users,” police said.

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