Does “no new tolls” statement by Premier mean ban on tolls on 407 East? Oshawa hoping answer is yes


Published February 23, 2024 at 7:20 pm

Hwy 407 East

Oshawa will be asking the Province to remove tolls from the final section of Highway 407 East – the only portion under government control – despite Queen’s Park making it clear earlier this month they are not willing to do so.

Durham Region and the Town of Whitby asked the Doug Ford government last month for a temporary removal of tolls through a portion of Whitby ahead of construction in the area that will lead to “serious gridlock.”

Both the Region and Whitby wanted the government to suspend tolls during the widening of Winchester Road between Anderson and Baldwin streets in Brooklin, construction that will happen this season and through next year.

The Province’s response was an emphatic ‘no,’ but the subsequent introduction of the ‘Get It Done Act’ this month, in which the Province declared there would be a ban on future road tolls, prompted the City of Oshawa to continue lobbying efforts.

Oshawa Councillor John Gray wasn’t confident the request will have any success – “We can ask all want …” – but it should be noted it was lobbying from the public and from opposition politicians like Oshawa NDP MPP Jennifer French that convinced Ford to remove the tolls from highways 412 and 418, which both serve as connector roads between the 407 and Hwy 401 in June of 2023.

“Now is the time,” read the notice of motion, “to approve amendments to the Get It Done Act for the members elected to the Ontario Legislature to remove the tolls on the Highway 407 East extension from Brock Road to Highway 35/115 and relieve the burden on the economy of Oshawa and Durham Region municipalities, their households, businesses, associations and institutions.”

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