Durham Police reminds residents from Oshawa to Pickering to avoid bodies of water as ice melts


Published April 6, 2022 at 3:15 pm

As a late spring finally arrives to Durham Region (Thanks for nothing Wiarton Willie) following Mother Nature’s April Fools joke of snow, Durham police are reminding residents to steer clear of melting bodies of water.

Melting ice on the water’s surface can quickly raise the water level on major bodies creating a risk of drowning, or loss of property.

Police advise residents to keep their children and pets away from the waterline. Everyone should avoid any recreational activities on the waterfront, particularly near ice jams or bodies still covered in ice. Avoid walking close to and across riverbanks and ice-covered water to prevent falling through

Warmer temperatures weaken the ice surface everyday, so walking or driving on the icy surface should be avoided. Drivers should also know not to try to drive through fast moving water or flooded roads. Only .3 cm of water on the road can cause a car to hydroplane.

Those living close to waterfront should move any furniture or decor well back from the water. Spring high water can quickly rise and sweep away a one’s comfy adirondack chair.

“Help make this a safe and enjoyable spring,” DRPS concluded.

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