Ajax cited as “inspiration” as Durham Region aims to build 1,000 kilometres of bike trails over the next two decades


Published September 22, 2021 at 12:22 pm

bike lane Burlington

Durham Region will soon have many more kilometres of bike lanes and paths.

The Regional Cycling Plan (RCP) update began in the winter of 2020, with a goal of changing Durham’s cycling infrastructure targets from those set in 2012.

The project aims to build 1,000 kilometres of cycling routes over the next 20 years, 217 kilometres of which will be brand new routes throughout the Region. They also recommend 85 new route projects over the next ten years.

A major part of the revamp is to make bike lanes more accessible with lanes further separated from traffic. The Region is targeting roads with lower traffic to reduce risk.

The project is currently being presented to local municipalities for their feedback.

During it’s presentation to Ajax, the RCP delegation cited the town as an inspiration to other Durham communities in their presentation to Town council. Ajax is already leading the way on bike lane development, winning awards for it’s bicycle network.

This lead Mayor Shaun Collier to tell the project delegation, “We already done most of the work for you. If the Region is going to put assets in to other municipalities, I would hope to recoup some of our costs. We’ve already paid all this money.”

Other communities, such as Oshawa, have also expanded bike lane on their own over the last few years. How the funding disparity will be balanced has yet to be decided.

The Update project has come to its final stages prior to approval. Durham Region Committee of the Whole will discuss the project and decide funding on October 13.

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