Durham Regional Police Deputy Chief charged with deceit


Published February 5, 2023 at 7:49 pm

The Ontario Civilian Police Commission will hold a hearing into Durham Regional Police Deputy Chief Dean Bertrim on charges of deceit.

The commission released a statement Friday afternoon that declared Bertrim will have to answer to the accusation following an investigation into then-Chief Paul Martin and the entire Durham force that began in 2019. The investigation determined a hearing into the allegations against Bertrim “is warranted.”

The Notice of Hearing was served to Bertrim though no date for has been set and Bertrim will be able to continue as deputy chief.

Both the commission and DRPS have been silent on the details of the charge but the Police Services Act defines deceit as ‘make or sign a false, misleading or inaccurate statement pertaining to an official record or in a statement regarding a police officer’s duties; – destroy, conceal, alter or erase an entry in an official document or record.’

The charge against Bertrim is not a criminal violation but one against the police ‘code of conduct.’

The investigated was launched nearly four years ago following allegations of corruption, serious misconduct and criminality by Martin and his senior staff, as well as the Durham Police Services board.

The province later appointed an administrator to oversee the force and Martin announced his resignation just over a year later.

The Ontario Civilian Police Commission is an independent, quasi-judicial agency that hears appeals, adjudicates applications, conducts investigations and resolves disputes regarding the oversight and provision of policing services.

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