Fortune cookie really had the lucky numbers for Whitby couple’s $100,000 lotto win


Published March 29, 2023 at 2:54 pm

A fortune cookie proved fortunate for a Whitby couple after providing the lottery numbers behind a $100,000 win.

Jean-Paul Ostiguy and Tesha Harmon are a married couple from Whitby who has been playing to lottery together for the last five years.

Over the years the pair has created a routine  “We buy takeout and use the numbers on our fortune cookies for our lottery numbers,” Harmon told the OLG.

After grabbing their Chinese food, the pair picked up an Ontario 49 ticket at Oshawa’s Delicious Greek Convenience and used the fortune cookie numbers for their Encore.

This time their numbers really were lucky. They matched the last six numbers of the seven-number Encore draw and won $100,000.

“I checked the ticket on the OLG App, and my hands started shaking when I saw the Big Winner screen. I sent it to Jean-Paul right away. I had to constantly look at the screen to confirm I wasn’t hallucinating.”

“I thought it was a joke,” Ostiguy said, “I was so overwhelmed!”

“This is a wonderful gift. It’s a dream come true,” Harmon said. The pair are going to use the cash to fix their roof then take a trip to Disney with their kids.

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