From extreme snow to extreme cold, Durham Region declares another weather warning from Pickering to Clarington


Published January 17, 2022 at 3:17 pm

After being brutalized by a torrent of snow, Durham Region is set to plunge into freezing temperatures tonight in a winter one-two punch.

As of this writing, around 3 p.m. the temperature in Oshawa is -4 degrees C. However, with the wind chill it feel more like -12. That number won’t hold past dark though.

Temperatures are set to fall to as the sun sets around 5 p.m. reaching -6 C and staying around there all night. However, the extreme cold looks like it will be caused by the wind chill. As the winds pik up tonight, it will feel more like -16 by 9 p.m. and reaching -20 over night.

Temperatures are set to stay low throughout Tuesday, the the morning holding the cold from Monday night, before warming to around -5 again by the evening. The windchill won’t abate either, feeling like -18 by that evening.

The Region’s extreme cold warning will remain in effect all day tomorrow as well, as they do anytime temperatures fall below -15 or the windchill reaches -20.

In case residents are somehow still not tired of shovelling, the Region has about an 80 percent chance of more snow Tuesday night as temperatures rise to around -5. The snowfall is estimated to add about 5 cm to Durham’s already mountainous snowbanks.

Durham Region offers 113 emergency shelter beds from four outreach organization for unsheltered residents to huddle up and keep warm in. A full list is available on on the Regional website along with a list of contact numbers to arrange transportation, and other cold weather shelter options.


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