Furry Fridays – K9 Klutch: expert tracker, jumper and swimmer


Published August 18, 2023 at 4:03 pm

D/Cst King and PSD Klutch

Turns out Belgian Malinois’ CAN jump, and in the case of PSD Klutch, a standing vertical jump of seven feet is a routine hop for the veteran member of the Durham Regional Police.

Klutch, who works alongside D/Cst. King, is this week’s paw-erful pooch spotlighted in Furry Fridays. The Canadian-born Klutch (May 31, 2017) has quite the personality and loves to swim – he even wanted to cool down at the end of his photoshoot.

Klutch and King’s most memorable call together was for a missing party in distress. Uniform officers were able to locate the vehicle – parked on a rural road – through ‘pinging’ a cellphone but when they arrived the vehicle was unoccupied and the phone turned off, which is where Klutch came in.

A K9 track was initiated, and Klutch and his partner were deployed in an attempt to track the missing party in the heavily forested area. As soon as they started, Klutch locked onto a track and followed it for 1.5 kilometres before finding the people, who were in “distress.”

After a lengthy negotiation, the party was safely transported to a hospital for assistance.

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