Gaming culture study ranks Oshawa seventh in country


Published May 19, 2023 at 11:50 am

Photo credit: Sydney Lai

Research by have Oshawa ranked seventh in the country for gamers, with the city’s “impressive” internet download speeds and 15 video game stores placing it only behind Victoria and Moncton among Canada’s small cities.

Oshawa scored of 53.23 on the gaming index, which is based on four categories: average download speed, gaming stores in the area, local gaming culture (determined by Google search volumes for gaming related terms) and gaming job vacancies. The city is equipped with 15 video game stores, providing gamers with a range of options, and  boasts an internet download speed of 248.63 Mbps, “ensuring fast and reliable online gaming experiences for its residents.”

Victoria is the number one city for gamers due to the best combination of high internet speed, local gaming culture and gaming vacancies, followed by Toronto – number one for gaming job opportunities – and Montreal, which had the highest number video game stores.

Calgary and Moncton earned the number 4 and 5 spots.

At number one is Victoria, which emerged as the ultimate destination for gamers among Canadian cities for its “strong gaming culture.” The Vancouver Island city boasts the eighth highest internet download speed and its residents exhibit an avid interest in gaming, as evidenced by their frequent Google searches for gaming-related terms. The combination of these factors resulted in a top total score of 70.03.

Toronto, which scored 68.28 in the study, stood out as a “vibrant gaming hub,” offering an abundance of resources, including 43 video game stores and 143 available gaming job vacancies, beating the runner-up by 75 jobs. Toronto’s residents show their obsession for gaming through high search volumes for game-related terms and the city has a strong download speed, providing a smooth gaming experience for its enthusiastic gamers.

Montreal secured third place with a total score of 57.29. It has excellent download speed, was number one for the number of video game stores with 60 and ranked third in job vacancies, showcasing its active gaming industry and a wealth of job opportunities for those looking for a career in the industry.

Vancouver is the fourth best city for gamers in Canada at 57.01, according to, with 22 video game stores and 68 gaming vacancies available for aspiring professionals. Calgary came in fifth with 44 gaming stores and 26 gaming vacancies for a 55.96 score, followed by Moncton, just ahead of Oshawa at 55.4.

The G.A.M.E.S store in north Oshawa

“As gaming and esports gain momentum in Canada, it’s fascinating to explore data on the best cities for gamers,” said in a statement. “This research … reveals cities that provide favorable environments for gamers to connect and pursue their passion (and) it’s fascinating to see that Toronto and Vancouver do not take first place, and are instead upended by Victoria, whose residents are actively searching for game-related terms or content in higher numbers.”

The rest of the top ten has Halifax in the eight spot with a score of 49.87, Edmonton in ninth at 48.79 and St. John’s in tenth with a score of 48.11.

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