Green ‘best practices’ the focus as Pickering develops new planning design standards


Published October 7, 2022 at 8:56 am

Evolving green best practices and ever-changing technology has helped the City of Pickering come up with new design standards that will help shape the future of development.

The City’s new Integrated Sustainable Design Standards (ISDS) were approved at the September 20 Council meeting and will guide planners in implementing and achieving Pickering’s sustainable community vision through the development approval process.

According to a staff report, green development practices have “evolved” since Pickering original sustainability guidelines were developed in 2007 and the new standards reflect the innovative green best practices and technology of today.

Effective January 1, 2023, developers will be required to submit the following documentation to the City:

  • An ISDS Checklist (Low-Rise Residentialor Mid to High-Rise Non-Residential)
  • A Sustainability Report, demonstrating compliance with the mandatory ISDS performance measures for either a Draft Plan of Subdivision or a Site Plan Application.
  • Required drawings, plans, and/or reports that identify the proposed sustainability features to be incorporated on the property.

Developers will be required to achieve ‘Tier 1’ as outlined in the checklist documents, and are encouraged to strive for ‘Tier 2.’

The City’s new standards will give building owners and homeowners the opportunity to experience the benefits of sustainable homes, such as reduced energy and water costs through improved efficiency. The ISDS focus on important elements such as urban heat island reduction, healthy street trees, bicycle and electric vehicle infrastructure, outdoor amenity space, accessibility, resiliency to climate change, waste management, resident education, and bird-friendly design.

“Incorporating energy efficiency and environmental performance measures into the design of new development gives us the opportunity to do our part in addressing climate change, while also investing in our local economy,” said Mayor Dave Ryan. “We thank all residents and stakeholders who provided their input and ultimately helped us develop these innovative and enhanced Standards. Together, we can continue to shape a more sustainable, and resilient community.”

Visit to learn more and to view the Standards documents, which include two Checklists and a User Guide.

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