Hometown Tourist Challenge returns to Oshawa this summer


Published June 27, 2024 at 11:54 am

Lighthouse at Lakefront Park Oshawa
The Pier at Oshawa's Lakefront Park

The Oshawa Hometown Tourist Challenge returns this summer with residents and visitors invited to discover (or rediscover) Oshawa’s hidden gems and iconic landmarks.

From historical sites to modern attractions, the challenge reveals the rich culture, history, and community spirit that make Oshawa an extraordinary, yet often unknown destination for tourists from the GTA and beyond, said Oshawa Tourism Events and Communications Coordinator Kyle Kornic.

“We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘I had no idea that (*insert Oshawa place/attraction/etc.*) was here/existed.’ We’re trying to change that and really get people to discover the amazing things and places Oshawa has to offer,” he explained.

The tourist challenge, presented by Oshawa Tourism (a branch of the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce) kicks off July 1 and will run until August 23, with plenty of weekly prizes for participants.

The idea behind the concept, which launched last year, has participants journeying through the city to visit diverse, family-friendly attractions such as museums, galleries, parks, and local businesses. Each location offers a unique insight into the heart of the Oshawa, with prizes offered to those who complete challenges at each spot – and score points on the TurfHunt app.

There will be weekly prizes and the participant with the highest score by August 23 will also a grand prize.

About 300 people participated last year and Kornic hopes those numbers take a major boost this year.

“We hope to expand participation now that we’ve built up a bigger network of social media followers and mailing list subscribers. I would love to see thousands of participants, but I know these types of things take some time to build.”

“We’re committed to growing it.”

Parkwood Estate

The benefit for all participants, he added, is fun, low-cost or free experiences close to home. Not to mention a little education of Oshawa’s history and the accomplishments of its citizens. So, a win-win.

“I bet a lot of folks don’t know that Canada Dry Ginger Ale was created right here in Oshawa,” Kornic noted. “But that’s something you can learn when you take a tour of Parkwood, which everyone who lives in Oshawa should do at least once in my opinion.”

Beyond the competition, the challenge fosters community spirit as participants connect with fellow explorers and share their adventures on social media using the hashtag #HometownTouristChallenge.

“This is a perfect opportunity for families and individuals to make unforgettable summer memories.”

For more information, please visit www.oshawatourism.com or follow @oshawatourism on Instagram and Facebook.

Oshawa MPP Jennifer French at the Botanical Gardens

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