Human remains found in Oshawa belong to Adam Strong victim Kandis Fitzpatrick


Published February 16, 2022 at 11:36 am

Durham Regional Police have confirmed the human remains found in an Oshawa greenspace last November belong to Kandis Fitzpatrick, slain by Adam Strong in 2008.

Fitzpatrick is one of two victims, including Rory Hache, Strong killed nine years apart. Strong was convicted of first-degree murder in Hache’s death.

However, due to a lack of evidence surrounding the circumstances in Fitzpatrick’s death, Strong was convicted of manslaughter in her case.

Fitzpatrick’s body had not been recovered, “although it was on of the most exhaustive investigations in our service’s history,” according to Detective Sergeant Doris Carrière. The only solid evidence connecting Strong to Fitzpatrick’s death was a knife and a freezer found in his home with her blood on them.

Strong is currently serving a life sentence without chance of parole for 25 years for the killing the two women. According to a police press conference, Strong approached a corrections officer and told them he could lead investigators to Fitzpatrick’s remains while serving that sentence.

The corrections officer reached out the Durham police homicide unit to let them know of Strong’s information. After a series of interviews with Strong, investigators got judicial authorization to take custody of him.

Strong led investigators to a small clearing by the treeline behind Secreto Drive, near Britannia Avenue East. The operation began November 4, 2021 and Fitzpatrick’s remains were first found on November 8.

As to why Strong brough this information forward,  Carrière said “Maybe he had some reflection in jail. It’s not something I can speak to.”

Investigators confirmed Strong received no financial compensation or increased privileges in prison for bringing this information forward.  Carrière said there was some negotiation, “none of which was entertained.”

The operation concluded November 13, “through the meticulous work of forensic specialists.” The partial remains were sent to the Ontario Forensic Pathology Service and identified through DNA and the Centre of Forensic Sciences.

Fitzpatrick’s family was informed of the discovery after the DNA confirmed the remains belonged to her.

“This discovery and the details obtained through our interviews will not change the outcome of these tragic events or the trauma endured by the victims’ family and friends,” said Carrière “Our goal…was to be able to provide some closure to Kandis’ family.”

Since Strong has already been convicted of killing Fitzpatrick, no new charges can be filed against him.

While investigators “always entertained” the theory Strong may have killed more victims in the nine year span between the deaths of Fitzpatrick and Hache, “However, there is no forensic evidence to tie any other victims to Mr. Strong.”

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