Judge allows video admission as evidence in Ajax triple homicide trial


Published October 5, 2021 at 3:38 pm

The judge of an ongoing triple-homicide trial has allowed a videotaped admission of the murders from the defendant as evidence.

Corey Fenn stands accused of killing Krassimira Pejcinovsk, 39, and her two children, Roy, 15 and Venallia, 13 in Ajax on March 14, 2018.

The three were found in the Hillling Drive home by a neighbour. Krassimira and Roy were found dead at the scene. Venallia died in hospital that night.

Police found Fenn the next day in an Oshawa shed after an hours-long search. During his arrest, he sustained injuries to his face after being wrestled to the ground by several officers.

The video taken later that day shows Durham Police Detective Mark Pillman interviewing Fenn. When asked about a bloodied knife found at the scene, Fenn says, “The knife was afterwards, I just strangled her in the garage.” He continues that he was in a “cocaine psychosis,” at the time of the killings.

Blood tests conducted on Fenn right after his arrest did not find cocaine in his system, but found that he had used the drug previously.

Before the judge would allow the video, prosecutors had to prove the statement was not given under duress. The defence asserted that the circumstances surrounding his arrest may have led Fenn into making the statements involuntarily.

Fenn has been representing himself after firing his lawyer prior to jury selection.

The trial will continue in the Oshawa Superior Court.

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