Lifeguarding at any Age program empowers Clarington seniors to “make a difference”


Published June 29, 2023 at 12:39 pm

Clarington has launched Lifeguarding at an Age program to empower seniors to “make a difference” in the community by becoming lifeguards.

The Municipality welcomed Ontario Seniors and Accessibility Minister Raymond Cho Wednesday to present a Seniors Community Grant valued at nearly $18,000 to help Clarington build its aquatic team and address the challenges of recruiting new lifeguards.

“We are delighted to receive the ‘Lifeguarding at any Age’ grant, which will enable us to

empower individuals of all ages to become certified lifeguards. When we invest in the skills and talents of our community, we create a safer and more inclusive environment for everyone,” said Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster. “By joining our team, you can embark on a rewarding career, contribute to the well-being of the community and enhance your own skills, knowledge, and fitness.”

Clarington is actively seeking individuals to fill various lifeguard and swim instructor.

positions. The funding will help it certify adults and seniors in aquatic leadership.

Lifeguarding not only promotes an active lifestyle but also offers an “exceptional opportunity” to serve the community, said Durham MPP Todd McCarthy, who was on hand for the grant presentation. “Our Government is proud to work with the Lifesaving Society in Ontario and the Municipality of Clarington to ensure we are addressing the shortfall in qualified lifeguards in our aquatic facilities by lowering the qualifying age to 15 and providing resources for older-adult lifeguards to meet our increasing demand,” he said. “By removing some of the obstacles in recruiting lifeguards as a result of the pandemic, the Municipality will now have the tools they need to safely operate pools and provide swimming lessons to the community by ensuring adequate staffing levels.”

As Seniors’ Month comes to a close, Clarington is also celebrating two other newly announced Seniors Community Grant projects:

  • The Clarington Public Library, Museums & Archives received $10,000 to offer seminars for older adults with guest speakers, author visits, and movie screenings on important topics for seniors, such as digital literacy, books, genealogy, and finances.
  • The Bowmanville Older Adult Association received $9,700 for new workshops and programs to help older adults improve their technology skills with tablets, cellphones, computers, and social media.

The aim of the new programs is to create an environment that promotes the well-being and involvement of seniors in the community, Foster explained.

For more information about “Lifeguarding at any Age” or to inquire about lifeguard and swim instructor positions, contact Kara Ross at (905) 987-5667 ext. 2542, [email protected] or visit

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