Muskie Odyssey coming to Oshawa’s Tribute Centre in March


Published January 12, 2023 at 3:34 pm

Treven Oulette with his 55.5 inch muskie caught on Eagle Lake in northern Ontario in 2021. The Ontario record is a 65-lb monster measuring 58 inches caught in the Moon River Basin in 1988 by Toronto's Ken O'Brien

Those who know call the muskie the “Fish of a Thousand Casts” and that you don’t ‘fish’ for them as much you hunt them.

And if you’re lucky enough to land the apex predator of Canada’s freshwaters, you always return it from whence it came as it is considered unsporting to treat the Muskellunge as anything but a catch and release species.

The source for all the tips on how to catch this elusive predator is Muskies Canada and the place to be to find that information and much more is the Tribute Communities Centre in Oshawa, which will host Muskie Odyssey on March 25, the largest specialized exhibition for Muskellunge fishing in Canada dedicated to the pursuit of this “fish of a lifetime.”

Muskies Canada (full name: Muskies Canada Sport Fishing and Research Inc.) is a Canadian non-profit organization representing the Muskie community.  Proceeds from the show are used to fund their efforts in sponsoring research, rehabilitation and reproduction in Canada’s many lakes and rivers that are home to this fish.

Muskie Odyssey will feature:

  • Expert speakers to share their knowledge of ‘can’t miss’ angling strategies and techniques
  • Guides and lodges servicing the most prolific fishing locations
  • Tackle vendors to help you fine-tune your equipment for a battle with a giant
  • Custom/rare, boutique, lure manufacturers from across North America who can put that “secret weapon” in your tackle box
  • Companies with the outdoor apparel that will keep you comfortable regardless of the conditions

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