New scholarship deal between Whitby and Durham College launched


Published May 1, 2024 at 3:14 pm

A new scholarship has been announced between Whitby Fire Services and Durham College to help fund tuition in exchange for equipment use.

The organizations launched an Inclusive Excellence Scholarship Award which will see Durham College grant two students a year $7,500 each.

The grant is aimed at racialized or economically challenged high school students from Whitby who have already been accepted into the program.

In return, the town will allow the College to use one of its fire trucks in the Firefighter – Pre-service Education Program.

This program is a pricey one, charging a $12,550 annual tuition, $870 in fees to rent equipment and up to $350 in fees to buy uniforms.

The program will be in place for at least three years, and Durham College has the option to extend it another three when that’s done.


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