Oshawa Orientation event in September adds student job fair to the mix


Published July 14, 2023 at 9:35 am

An award-winning student orientation event just got a little better with the news a Student Job Fair will be added to the itinerary for this September’s Oshawa Orientation event.

The Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce and the Durham Workforce Authority have partnered up to jointly host the job fair as part of the Orientation event. The collaboration aims to connect post-secondary students with job opportunities in their new community, fostering a sense of belonging and supporting their employment needs while accommodating demanding school schedules.

‘Year One’ of the annual event to welcome the new crop of students from Oshawa’s three post-secondary institutions – Ontario Tech, Trent-Durham and Durham College – earned the Oshawa Chamber the Chair Award for Innovation at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s annual general meeting in April.

The Oshawa Orientation event plays a significant role in welcoming and integrating new post-secondary students into the Oshawa community, said Oshawa Chamber CEO Jason King, who believes adding the job fair to the mix is a natural fit.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Durham Workforce Authority to present the Student Job Fair as part of the 2023 Oshawa Orientation event,” King said. “By creating a platform where local employers and students can connect, we aim to support the transition of students into our community, foster their personal and professional growth, and ultimately contribute to Oshawa’s thriving economy.”

The Student Job Fair will feature a diverse range of employers from various industries, including retail, hospitality, technology, healthcare, and more. Participating employers are committed to providing flexible employment options, understanding the importance of accommodating student’s academic commitments while offering valuable work experience.

“This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to connect job seekers with employment opportunities and support the workforce development goals of local businesses,” said Heather McMillan, Executive Director of the Durham Workforce Authority. “We believe that by connecting students with employers who understand their needs, we can contribute to the growth and prosperity of both the students and the greater Oshawa community.”

The 2023 Oshawa Orientation event, including the Student Job Fair, will take place September 9 in various locations within Downtown Oshawa. Post-secondary students are encouraged to attend the event, meet potential employers, and discover the employment opportunities available locally.

The initial event featured a dynamic mix of activities, including a dance party and an app-driven scavenger hunt that took students on a tour of various local businesses, offering them a glimpse into the diverse dining, cultural, and other opportunities available in downtown Oshawa.

The added feature of the Student Job Fair at this year’s event will help facilitate direct connections between students and local employers who understand the unique employment needs of post-secondary students, added King, who said the initiative aims to provide valuable employment opportunities that complement the academic schedules of students, enabling them to balance work and studies effectively.

The idea of a party in downtown Oshawa for the incoming cohort of new students in the city to make them feel comfortable enough to stay after graduation was born from an Ontario Tech University survey that provided “compelling feedback” that new students would value an improved introduction and connection to Oshawa.

The chamber and the Downtown Oshawa Business Alliance were then brought into the discussion and King took the idea to Oshawa Council, who pledged their support, calling it a “good business investment.”

“The strategic view of this event is to look at 2022 as ‘Year One’ of an annual event, which would have the ultimate goal and long-term effect of introducing students to local business and cultural activities to make Oshawa feel more like home, perhaps permanently, for the students,” King said of the thinking behind the orientation project.

Employers interested in registering for a booth at this year’s job fair can apply via https://www.oshawaorientation.com/jobfairemployerregistration

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