Oshawa Power launching on-street EV charging in the downtown core


Published April 22, 2022 at 12:16 pm

Ontario ev charging
EV charging stations in downtown Oakville.

Oshawa Power will be installing eight electric vehicle charging stations in downtown Oshawa this year, thanks in part to funding from Natural Resources Canada.

Locations are currently being finalized with the City.

Oshawa Power CEO Ivan Labricciosa is hopeful the installations will help remove the barriers to ownership of electric vehicles, as well as a “modern” method of attracting people to Oshawa’s downtown.

“As businesses emerge from the pandemic, adding EV charging is a modern way to attract residents and visitors to the downtown core. This project will open the doors to other initiatives to make Oshawa a safer, more digitally-enabled and economically prosperous community,” he said.

According to a 2016 census, Durham Region commuters have the highest percentage of long commutes — over an hour each way (22.4 per cent) within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Durham commutes are also comparatively greenhouse gas intensive and are therefore an important demographic to target for EV adoption.

Oshawa Mayor Dan Carter agreed with the on-street charging approach. “As Canada’s fastest-growing city (with) an increasing number of EVs registered in Oshawa and surrounding areas, it is vital to be able to support their adoption. As the landscape changes, on-street charging is modernization and a positive step forward for residents and visitors.”

Oshawa Power will assume the charging costs for use as part of its commitment to support EV adoption. It will be free for users coming to the downtown core for a summer promotional period, encouraging residents and visitors to visit, with campaign ending September 15. At that point, standard EV rates will apply.

In addition, the EV charging spots will be discoverable on various networks, such as Plugshare, Waze, and Google Maps.

“This is perfect timing for our businesses to be welcoming visitors to the area, knowing that range is no longer a concern for EV drivers. Users of the spots can park, have lunch, shop, have a meeting, and when they return, feel confident that their car will be ready to continue with their journey,” said Jason King, CEO of the Oshawa Chamber of Commerce.

Currently Oshawa is the only community supporting on-street public charging within Durham, putting Oshawa in a leadership position with other major metropolitan areas in Canada such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

The Level 2 chargers offer speed, reliability, an optimal range output, and are designed to provide nearly a full charge in 2 hours or less – approximately the same time it takes to enjoy a meal, watch a show or attend a hockey game.


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