Oshawa residents encouraged to wildlife proof their property during coyote denning season

Published March 29, 2023 at 10:51 am

Coyote sightings are on the rise as the wild animals start looking for dens to raise their pups. Residents and property owners are reminded not to feed coyotes and are encouraged to wildlife proof their property to minimize encounters and prevent denning.

Wildlife proofing includes:

  • Removing food attractants from your yard: secure your garbage, keep pet food indoors and clean up spilled bird seed and fallen fruits.
  • Keeping your property clean: trim back bushes and weeds, scoop your dog poop and keep your barbeque area clean.
  • Securing your home and sheds: seal openings into and under buildings, decks and porches. Consider installing motion sensor lights.
  • Being a good pet owner: keep your pets on a leash, closely supervise them when they are outdoors and bring them in at night.

If you suspect a coyote den is nearby, avoid the area and report the sighting to Service Oshawa online at service.oshawa.ca, by email to [email protected] or by telephone (905) 436-3311. Sighting reports are used to monitor common locations and determine if neighbourhood-specific communications should be sent or signage posted.

If you encounter a coyote:

  • Stop and pick up small children and pets.
  • Stand still, never run from or turn your back on a coyote.
  • Make yourself big, wave your arms above your head.
  • Be loud and assertive.
  • Slowly back away, keeping an eye on the animal.

Those interested in learning more to support a safe co-existence with urban coyotes are encouraged to take the free e-learning course Coyotes in the Urban Landscape offered by Coyote Watch Canada; watch a virtual community information session on co-existing with coyotes; and review the City of Oshawa Coyotes webpage.

Wildlife Control only responds to reports of coyotes or other animals if it appears sick or injured. Complaints and inquiries regarding wildlife should be directed to a qualified wildlife or pest control service. Additional information and resources on wildlife are available on the City’s Wildlife webpage.

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