Oshawa woman hits a royal flush in Instant Poker, rakes in $98,000 pot


Published February 24, 2023 at 1:48 pm

A woman from Oshawa pulled just the right cards with an Instant Poker ticket allowing her to rake in a $98,000 pot.

Lisa Wheeler, a project manager, walked into the Elderberry Convenience on Elderberry Dr. in Oshawa. She had been playing the lottery for 20 years and picked up her regular poker ticket.

“I replayed my Poker Lotto ticket and this win happened,” she told the OLG, “I saw the clubs on the lottery terminal and thought I won $100. The clerk told me to take a second look at the screen and I realized I won the royal flush. I was shocked.”

Wheeler called her mom from the store and started to cry right there. “My whole family wanted to see the ticket when I got home. It was one of the best moments of this win.”

She’s going to use the cash to pay off some bills and save for her son’s future. However, she’s going to have some fun too. “I will treat myself to a few nice trips and a new phone,” she said.

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