Oshawa’s Ontario Tech U adding two new engineering programs

Published October 20, 2022 at 11:50 am

The Environmental Wind Chamber lab at Ontario Tech

Ontario Tech University’s portfolio of engineering programs will grow by two high-tech avenues next fall with the introduction of Energy Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

Students and parents can learn about the new programs at the Ontario Tech University Fall Open House, taking place both in-person and virtually on Saturday, October 29.

The rationale behind the introduction of the new programs, according to the university, is the world’s energy systems, built by previous generations, need to be “reimagined and rebuilt” over a short timeframe to operate in an era of climate change and meet provincial, national and global objectives to be carbon-free by 2050.

The new multidisciplinary Energy Engineering program will meet the growing needs of the energy sector and prepare students with knowledge to design, control, plan, and manage energy systems and technologies with hands-on experience needed to become successful leaders in Canada and worldwide.

The program covers different aspects of the energy sector, including hydrogen, nuclear, renewables, energy storage and sustainable development, and will integrate mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, nuclear engineering, renewable energy engineering, and more.

With industrial engineers playing a key role in everything from automotive/transportation systems and consumer products to power generations, information/telecommunications and health care systems, the new Industrial Engineering program will help meet the high demand in Canada and the United States.

The program’s innovative curriculum will also address rapid industrial evolution and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve real-world industrial problems.

Ontario Tech Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science will now offer degrees in the following engineering disciplines:

Automotive, Electrical, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Nuclear (including the Bruce Power Women in Nuclear Engineering Internship) and Software, in addition to the new Industrial and Energy Engineering programs.

Co-ops are also available in all programs.

All Engineering students begin with a common foundation year. Students also have the option of applying to Comprehensive Engineering, allowing them to choose their specific discipline during their first year of studies.

Students can also complement their technical studies with business and management courses by pursuing the five-year Bachelor of Engineering and Management (Honours) program.

Women interested in engineering can access the multi-year Women in Engineering support program to explore opportunities and careers, gain experience in the workforce, and make a successful transition to a professional engineering career.

The Robotics and Automation lab at Ontario Tech

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