Pickering needs help after cat abandoned on the roadside in ‘act of cruelty’


Published March 17, 2022 at 2:32 pm

Pickering Animal Services are pleading for the public’s help after city staff found a cat and his belongings dumped on the side of the road in the city’s northern reaches yesterday morning.

City Operations staff were driving through the Concession Road 7 and Brock Road area around 8 a.m. March 16 when they spotted the male cat on the shoulder of the road.

All of his belongings; a scratching post, a bed and a carpeted box were strewn in the ditch. The little one was hiding in the box when found.

“Abandoning an animal like this is extremely neglectful,” Pickering said in a release, adding that the kitty would have had to fend for himself against car traffic, harsh weather and the coyotes that continue to plague Durham’s urban areas.

“We cannot comprehend this act of cruelty. If you are looking to rehome your pet, please bring them into the shelter,” said Lindsey Narraway, Supervisor of Animal Services. “We will ensure they are kept safe and taken care of, giving them the best chance at finding a new home.”

“This beautiful cat will be cared for at the shelter, assessed medically, and when ready, find his forever home,” Pickering said.

The Pickering Animal Services shelter sits on the side of Highway 7 in Brougham near Brock Road in the city’s north end. The shelter is a two minute, 2.4 km drive from where the cat was abandoned.

Animal Services has five adoptable pets at the moment; four cats between ten months and five years old, and one bunny.

Animal Services wants to know who abandoned the cat or where he may have come from. Anyone with information can call 905-427-0093.

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