Popular Montreal-style bagel shop closes again in Whitby, Ontario – this time permanently


Published April 11, 2024 at 4:02 pm

Kettleman's Bagel

A popular bagel shop in Whitby that closed in February and then re-opened a week later after a public outcry is closed once again, this time with no chance of re-opening.

Ottawa-based Kettleman’s Bagels opened in the Taunton Gardens plaza in north Whitby two years ago and their Montreal-style bagels were an immediate hit. The store couldn’t keep up the sales momentum, however, and shut down in early February, with the company thanking customers for their patronage. “Kettleman’s and this community have a special place in our hearts,” read a sign on the door.

A little over a week later the store re-opened, albeit with a reduced menu and no longer with 24-hour service. “We listened to the people and decided to re-open,” said Kettleman’s Communications Manager Emma Latreille.

Fast forward two months and the store is closed once again. According to a new sign on the door, this time for good.

Photo Catherine Swanson

“This store is permanently closed,” the message read. Thank you for your patronage.”

Most of the goodwill the bagel shop earned in its first two years dissipated after the closure in February, with the reduced menu and other changes contributing to less than stellar reviews.

Comments on social media Thursday ranged from “Their food was delicious, we loved it. It’s sad how the economy is taking an overall toll” to “You didn’t really miss out on much” and “I tried it once and wasn’t impressed,” with a few noting that the bagels could be purchased at local grocery stores anyway.

“They sell the bagels across the street at Farm Boy!”

The main complaint seemed be the decision the company made after the closure to stop making the bagels fresh every day. and go to a limited menu. “They were better than a Tim’s Bagel but nowhere near as good as grabbing one in Montreal,” was one comment.

The sign also directed bagel lovers to check the company website and find another location.

Kettleman’s opened in Ottawa in 1993 and has four locations in the capital, one in Montreal and now three in Toronto, with the closest location to Whitby at Yonge and Eglinton.

The Whitby location opened June 20, 2022 serving Montreal-style bagels, which are boiled in honey and water and cooked in a wood-fired oven, giving them a crunchier crust and sweeter taste. The bagels are smaller than a New York-style bagel while remaining doughy and dense.

Indurham reached out to Latreille and she confirmed the store is closed but has not provided any official statement as to why or if the company has any future plans for Durham Region.

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