Province sends Whitby’s Ontario Shores $1,000,000 for complex mental health care


Published March 22, 2023 at 4:12 pm

The Ontario government is sending a $1 million cash infusion to one of the province’s premiere mental health hospitals, Whitby’s Ontario Shores Mental Health Sciences.

The funding top-up aims “improve care for patients with complex mental health issues” according to a March 21, announcement from Whitby MPP Lorne Coe.

“This investment will provide staff with training to improve care and treatment for patients with complex mental health issues,” said Coe.

The funds target four key areas within the hospital;

  • $423,400 is going into Forensic Hospital Security Enhancement to boost staff and patient safety,
  • $218,800 is earmarked for Complex Mental Health and Developmental Disability to enhance services, supports and equipment for inpatient Dual Diagnosis programs,
  • $25,000 more is set for Complex Mental Health and Developmental Disability to boost outpatient services, and
  • $383,000 is aimed toward Forensic Hospitals for training and tools for programs run with Corrections Services.

All together these four portfolios add up to $1,050,200 total new funding for Ontario Shores. The Whitby hospital’s funding bump is part of a $19.4 million investment in 13 Ontario hospitals.

The programs seeks to “improve mental health and addiction programs that support people with complex mental health issues, including people with a dual diagnosis (mental health issue and developmental disability), people in the forensic mental health system and people in provincial correctional centres.”


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