Qualifying Clarington taxpayers get to defer taxes up to 60 days


Published January 26, 2022 at 1:50 pm

Qualifying Clarington taxpayers will once again get to defer their 2022 taxes for 60 days without penalty as the municipality tries to ease the financial burden of the fifth wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“This latest round of Public Health measures imposed in January has forced business closures impacting many taxpayers and causing financial hardship, stress and burden,” said Trevor Pinn, Director of Financial Services. “By deferring tax payment for 60 days and waiving penalties, we are offering a small financial reprieve for those taxpayers who need it.”

The 2022 COVID-19 Tax Deferral Program has been approved for the first six months of

the year and revives the program initially approved in 2021. It allows qualifying taxpayers, including business owners, to fill out an application to defer their tax payments without interest and penalties for two months. Clarington has developed an application process for taxpayers requesting to qualify for the Tax Deferral Program. For those that

qualify, the February 17 instalment will be deferred to April 18, while the April 21

instalment will be deferred to June 20.

Clarington has also re-activated the COVID-19 Monthly Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP)

plan to assist property owners who have been financially impacted by the ongoing

pandemic. The PAP program provides property owners with payment flexibility by allowing taxpayers to spread their taxes over equal monthly payments.

Residents who wish to defer their tax payment or join the PAP program can fill out the

online application forms at www.clarington.net/FinancialSupport.

For more information on these programs or to determine your monthly PAP amount, contact Taxation Services at (905) 623-3379 ext. 2650 or [email protected].

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