Region releases extreme cold weather warning from Whitby headquarters


Published January 10, 2022 at 12:50 pm

Durham Region is expected to feel an extreme cold snap the evening of January 10 with temperatures set to drop to -20 degrees C.

As of this writing, around Noon, the temperature in Oshawa is hovering at -6 C. Snow is expected to begin around 3 p.m. according to the Weather Network, as a system moves into Southern Ontario from Windsor to Kingston.

However, the 40 percent chance of flurries are only expected to result in about one cm of snow in Oshawa. The Northern reaches of the Region, who often experience worse snowfall, are expected to get a same amount as their Southern neighbours with one cm predicted for Beaverton.

Temperatures will begin to fall in the evening when they are expected to reach -12 as cold Northern winds move into the Region. While cold, they are not expected to be particularly strong reaching 29 km/h by evening before falling to 21 km/h later tonight.

Those winds will bring a wind-chill of -22 C in the evening. As wind speed is set to fall, so too is the windchill. Temperatures will continue to fall to -20 C by midnight, feeling like -30.

The Region will stay this cold throughout Tuesday morning, before temperatures rise to -7 by that evening. Skies are expected to clear overnight tonight, staying that way until clouds move in tomorrow afternoon.

The Region releases an extreme cold warning anytime temperatures are expected to fall below -15 C, or when the windchill is set to fall to -20 C.

Those in need of emergency shelter to keep out of the cold can find a list of shelters on the Regional website. There are 113 beds available from four outreach groups in Durham among several overnight accommodation facilities, including the Ajax Library which is only open during extreme cold warnings.

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