Souffle pancake deserts set to sweeten Pickering


Published March 18, 2024 at 4:12 pm

Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes pickering

One of the best-known specialist restaurants cooking up Japanese souffle dessert pancakes is set to come to the east side of Toronto for the first time with a new Pickering location.

Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes (meaning Fluffy Fluffy in Japanese) focuses on a special dessert pancake traditionally served at weddings and celebrations for good luck. Fuwa Fuwa says this style of pancakes is unique due to the “soft, bouncy and incredibly light”

They start their pancakes by whipping egg whites to”fluffy peaks” and adding sugar, flour, and locally sourced milk. The cakes are then cooked slowly for up to 20 minutes. Fuwa Fuwa pledged their pancakes are “never overwhelmingly sweet, and promote the use of healthy and natural ingredients.”

The brand launched in Toronto in 2018 and quickly spread to several locations throughout the city, Mississauga, Vaughan, Hamilton and Ottawa. They then voyaged out west, opening locations in Calgary and Edmonton.

Next, they headed south to the United States in Orlando, Florida; Frisco, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. From there they headed to the United Kingdom with locations in Leicester, Manchester and Reading.

They even have a place in China where they serve a Canadian-inspired Maple Brulee Pancake.

“Our focus on no-added sugar and low-sugar options, selecting only the highest quality ingredients and use of fresh fruits, puts us at the forefront of the trend,” they said.

While they specialize in pancakes, Fuwa Fuwa also offers a line of burnt top cheesecakes, “croffles” (a sandwich with waffles instead of bread) and other desserts and several dessert drinks.

Their next location is set to open in Pickering next month. The new restaurant will open April 20 at 820 Kingston Rd unit B2.



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