Spotlight on K9 Kaos


Published August 7, 2023 at 11:34 am

The Furry Friday (on Monday) spotlight this week is on PSD Kaos, who has a rather expensive favourite chew toy – leather gloves – but more than makes up for that inconvenience with a love of his job and mad skills at tracking the bad guys and their proceeds of crime.

Kaos, who is partnered with D/Cst Hannah Elkington – Durham Police’s first female K9 officer – is a three year-old Belgian Malinois who “loves working” so much he usually doesn’t want to go home after his shifts.

Kaos and Elkington began officially working together in August of 2021 and the most memorable call together was for an armed home invasion in the west end of the region.

Suspects had fled the residence with the stolen items but with the help of West Division officers a perimeter was set up and Kaos deployed. The subsequent track led through multiple back yards (where Kaos found stolen items that had been dropped by the fleeing men) and despite a chase that saw the suspects attempt to jump onto roof tops to evade capture they were peacefully brought into custody by Kaos and Elkington.

After the track Kaos was deployed for an evidence search and located every item that was stolen from the home, an example of what a team of police officers can accomplish when working together with the help of a police service dog.


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