The most and least expensive cities in Durham to buy a house


Published March 18, 2024 at 12:35 pm

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A look at house prices across Durham: Photo by Spacejoy

While housing is far from cheap almost anywhere in southern Ontario, some municipalities in the Durham region are more affordable than others. 

According to data recently released by the Central Lakes Association of Realtors (CLAR), both sales and prices are up throughout the region, with sales increasing more dramatically than prices (which is good news for prospective buyers). 

With spring just days away, it appears that the market is seeing more activity. According to CLAR, the average price in the region increased slightly from $888,951 in February 2023 to $919,017 in February 2024. Sales are up 25 per cent year-over-year, with 745 transactions recorded last month–up from 598 in February 2023. 

However, while the average price point in the region sits below the $1 million mark, there are still some municipalities where housing remains more costly. 

According to CLAR’s report, the most expensive place to call home is Uxbridge, where the average home price hit $1,197,653 last month. In the township, the average price of a detached home is $1,336,577 and semi-detached homes cost an average of $885,000. Condo townhouses cost $644,967. Last month, one attached row home sold for $1,675,000. 

The next most expensive is Scugog, with an average price of $1,104,695 for a detached home—no other home types sold in the township in February. 

In Whitby, the average home price sits at $1,030,308. Detached houses cost an average of $1,138,390, while semis cost about $928,333. Condo towns cost $687,333, condo apartments cost $609,550 and attached row houses cost $860,448. 

In Pickering, the average house price hit $994,710 in February. Detached houses in the city cost an average of $1,258,047 and semis cost $935,900. Condo towns cost $711,872 and condo apartments cost $610,33. 

The average price in Ajax is also below the $1 million mark, with an average of $970,533. Detached homes cost $1,100,039, and semis cost $873,900. On average, condo towns cost $713,750, and condo units cost $563,967. 

In Clarington, the average house price sits at $831,846. Detached homes cost about $902,498 and semis run buyers approximately $645,014. Condo towns cost $628,140 and condo apartments cost $543,117. 

Oshawa also remains more affordable, boasting an average house price of $820,179 and an average detached house price of $910,010. Semi-detached houses in the city cost an average of $710,438 and condo townhouses cost about $647,666. Condo apartments are the most affordable in the Durham area, costing an average of $456,415. 

In Brock, the average price is $761,636–the price of the one detached house that sold in February. 

“Our regions continue to exhibit robust growth with notable transaction increases across our areas compared to last month,” CLAR President Vicki Sweeney said in the report.  

“These positive trends reflect a strong housing market.” 

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