Two drivers nailed on stunt driving charges in Scugog


Published April 5, 2022 at 3:06 pm

Two drivers were stopped and charged with stunt driving through Scugog Township last weekend, one of whom allegedly had cannabis and open liquor bottles in the car.

The first driver was caught while heading through the village of Caesarea. Officer were camped out near Regional Rd 57 and Hwy 7A when a car allegedly raced by at 170 km/h.

Officers stopped the car in the village and charged the driver, 18, with stunt driving and unnecessary noise. His car was impounded for two weeks and his license was suspended for 30 days.

The next day, the same officers were patrolling Hwy 7A. A car approached and would not turn down their headlights. The officers pursued the car as it quickly turned onto Hwy 12. The car reached 138 km/h before stopping for police.

Once stopped, police saw open bottles of alcohol in the car. Closer inspection discovered three large bags of cannabis, holding around 30 grams between them.

This driver was ticketed up for open alcohol, cannabis offences, stunt driving and failure to lower high beams. Their car was impounded for two weeks.

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