Two sides still far apart in faculty strike at Oshawa’s Ontario Tech University


Published February 14, 2022 at 9:29 am

Photo courtesy of Jennifer French

Talks between the Ontario Tech Faculty Association and the university are set to resume at one pm today but critics are asking why the two sides can’t get back to the table sooner.

As one student and budding professor noted, “if they can schedule classes for 8 am, they can schedule bargaining as well.”

The university and the school’s 281 full-time faculty have been at an impasse since February 10 when the faculty, represented by the University of Ontario Institute of Technolgy Faculty Assocation (FA) walked off the job and set up picket lines at the north Oshawa school.

The university said they “continued their discussions” over the weekend and chose Monday at 1 pm  to continue negotiations.

They also questioned the FA’a dedication to getting a deal done, saying it was the faculty association who left talks just prior to the weekend.

“We are uncertain as to why the FA opted to adjourn the meeting and why a tentative deal couldn’t have been finalized tonight,” the school declared in a statement Friday. “The university has remained at the table throughout negotiations and we will continue to bargain with the FA whenever they make themselves available. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

The FA has asked that the dispute go to a third party for binding arbitration but the university has so far refused, raising the ire of faculty and students who are anxious to bet back to class.


Faculty members on the picket lines say Ontario Tech has not budged on several important sticking points in the dispute, including workload, class size and retirement packages, and are willing to stay on strike until those demands are met.

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