VIDEO: Unsanctioned car rally nets charges for 19-year-old in Whitby


Published March 22, 2024 at 10:08 am

Durham Regional Police

An unsanctioned car rally was held in Whitby last night featuring drivers running around a parking lot recklessly.

Between 100 and 150 showed up at the Shoppers Drug Mart plaza on the corner of Baldwin Street and Winchester Road on March 21, Durham Regional Police report.

Investigators say several hundred spectators also appeared to watch the event. While they gawked, a grey Toyota sedan and other cars sped around the parking lot performing burnouts.

The below video was captured before police arrived at the scene. However, investigators were able to identify the main car and its driver, an unidentified 19-year-old man with a G2 license.

When officers arrived, people scattered from the area. However, a concerned motorist approached the police with information about the man allegedly seen doing donuts, burnouts and drifting.

“These types of actions could have led to very serious injuries or death for the driver and nearby spectators,” police said.

The man is charged with stunt driving, one of Ontario’s harshest driving offences. His licence was immediately suspended for 30 days and his vehicle impounded for 14 days.

These kinds of rallies have grown more frequent in recent years with attendees and vehicles suddenly filling parking lots or intersections for the performance. They include reckless or stunt driving and people are often seen hanging out of the cars.

Most of these events quickly scatter before or when police arrive. In many instances the drivers remove their license plates to avoid identification.

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