Whitby updates special garbage collection with new fees and a new app


Published December 15, 2021 at 1:08 pm

Whitby is changing how residents can dispose of their oversized garbage items, like furniture and appliances, with a new mobile app to book a pick-up day.

Residents will need to have the Whitby Waste Buddy downloaded by January 1, 2022 if they wish to dispose of any large items in the new year. The app is available for a free download on the App Store and Google Play now.

Some example of things one will need the Buddy to schedule a pick-up are;

  • Mattresses
  • Boxsprings
  • Sofas
  • Sports equipment (stationary bikes, treadmills etc.)
  • Appliances (Fridges, stoves etc.), and
  • Barbecues

However, the bulky waste program will not pick up;

  • Renovation of construction material (bricks, drywall)
  • Landscaping waste (dirt, concrete, tree stumps, fencing)
  • Car parts
  • Recycling or compost
  • hazardous waste (batteries, fluorescent light tubes, poisons, oil, medical waste etc) or
  • tires

Anyone looking to dispose their bulky stuff will be charged $25 per pickup with a maximum 12 such items at a time. However, disposal of electronics and porcelain toilets will remain free.

The app also contains a Whitby Waste Wizard to inform residents how to dispose of things they may not know, such as the designated pick up week for natural Christmas trees in January.

It also outlines instructions for how to prepare garbage for pick-up. Trees for example need all decor removed and any over ten feet tall should be cut in half.

More routine examples let residents know what is and isn’t recyclable. Plastic shopping bags can’t be included in a Whitbians recycling bin, but can be taken to the Baldwin Street Walmart for recycling, for example.

The Whitby Waste Buddy includes an educational game as well as information for how to dispose of items and how to schedule pick-up.

Once items are scheduled for pick up, residents are required to have the items on the curb by seven a.m. that morning. The town ask residents put the items where they normally put their garbage for pickup, not on the road or sidewalk.

They also instruct resident not to park in front of the item set for collection or put garbage in snowbanks, but a cleared area on the boulevard or driveway.

Residents are able to cancel or reschedule a pick-up by calling Operations at 905-668-3437, but must do so at least two business days in advance. Attempts to reschedule without enough notice will result in an additional $25 fee.

No refunds will be provided if the trash isn’t ready on time, or can’t be picked up. If this happens, residents will have to pay for another appointment.


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