Whitby’s Village of Taunton Mills gets $170,000 for bariatric care


Published March 31, 2023 at 4:50 pm

The Ontario government is investing $170,466 in a project in Whitby to help seniors with complex medical needs connect to specialized care and supports in their long-term care home instead of a hospital.

Part of a $20 million investment to help senior with illnesses like dementia and bariatric care get the care they need where they live, the program will be rolled out to 189 projects province-wide through a new Local Priorities Fund operated by Ontario Health.

The Village of Taunton Mills will use the funds for the purchase of bariatric equipment and to improve the long-term care home’s accessibility for residents with bariatric care needs.

“This investment, tailored to the needs of our community, will provide long-term care residents right here in Whitby with the specialized supports and services they need,” said Whitby MPP Lorne Coe. “We’re taking action to bolster our province’s long-term care system and put residents’ needs first.”

Some of the local projects will do this by providing specialized care in the long-term care homes without having to go to the emergency room or be admitted to hospital.

Others will support the admission into homes of people who no longer require acute care in hospital but who have complex needs that can be difficult to accommodate without specialized services and supports.

“Our government is increasing our investment in bold, creative, and innovative solutions that conveniently connect long-term care residents to the specialized care they need in the comfort of their long-term care home instead of a hospital,” said Ontario Long-Term Care Minister Paul Calandra.

“Initiatives like the Local Priorities Fund ensure Ontarians are being connected with the right care in the right place, close to their family and friends.”

The Local Priorities Fund is part of an investment of over $120 million in 2022-23 that is based on four pillars:

  • staffing and care
  • quality and enforcement
  • building modern, safe, and comfortable homes
  • providing seniors with faster, more convenient access to the services they need

Schlegel Villages operates the Village of Taunton Mills and President and CEO James Schlegel thanked the provincial government for its ongoing investment, which allows his staff to provide for the specialized needs of their residents.

“We appreciate the flexibility that has been provided so we can develop innovative solutions to respond to the evolving needs of residents in our villages,” he said.

The funding announced Friday also included $5.91 million for four new Behavioural Specialized Units in long-term care homes, an additional $5 million for Behavioural Supports Ontario, $2.6 million for Baycrest’s Virtual Behaviour Medicine program and $4.5 million to build dedicated spaces for health care at a new seniors’ housing complex in Kenora.

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